Lotro-Quest:A Taste for Pork

A Taste for Pork Level: 9 Region: The Shire NPC: Linda Bolger Rewards: 90 Copper  + Items

Bestowal Dialogue

'Things are not good in Budgeford, [name]. A pack of wolves has made its way into the Shire, and there's talk that there might be more on the way. I'm worried that my farm will soon be attacked, but more than that -- all Shire-folk are threatened by the presence of these wolves.

'And I saw...well, it's probably not important. Nevermind.

'Anyway, I came into town looking for help, but you should go talk with my husband, Milo, back at our farm. Just head up the hill and cut east across the fields until you see our farm. Milo will probably be out behind the house, keeping an eye on the nearby ruins where the wolves have holed up.'


Linda Bolger of Budgeford is worried about a pack of wolves that have invaded the Shire and fears her pig farm will soon be attacked.

Objective 1

Milo Bolger is at a farm east of Budgeford, keeping an eye on the wolves in the nearby ruins.

Linda Bolger came to Budgeford looking for someone to help with the wolf problem. She has asked you to speak with her husband, Milo.

Objective 2

The wolves can be found east of Milo and Linda Bolger's farm, among the ruins.

Linda Bolger sent you to speak with her husband, Milo, in regards to the wolves that have entered the Shire. Milo asked you to thin the pack before they can become a greater threat.

Objective 3

Milo Bolger is keeping an eye on the wolves east of Budgeford.

Milo will be pleased to hear that you have reduced the number of wolves the hobbits of Budgeford will need to deal with.


Selectable reward

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